JH-032 FFP3 Foldable Respirator

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It can offer protection from firm and fluid deleterious kinds of dust, smoke, and aerosols. The particles may be fibrogenic – which means they irritate the respiratory system in the short term and can result in reduction of elasticity of pulmonary tissue in the long run

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Product Code Standard Rated Style Valve
JH-032 EN149 + A1:2009 FFP3 Foldable Duckbill N
  • Maintenance free particulate respirator;
  • Vertical fold flat design, easy to store and carry around;
  • Individually packed offers extra hygiene;
  • Comfortable face fit;
  • P3 rating offers protection against virus spreading and hazard type like fine Toxic dusts, fumes and water-based mists.
    (Example: Working with hardwood, glass fibres and plastic (non PVC), metalworking and welding.);
  • Easy to put on with twin ear straps;
  • Box of 20 Masks;

Packing Details

Package 20pcs/Color Box
Quantity 50boxes/CTN
CTN Size 72x47x36cm
N.W. 190g/box
G.W. 230g/box

JH-032 FFP3 folding respirator meets FFP3 class and can filter 98% aerosol effectively. JH-032 masks are disposable items and must be discarded as medical waste after use.Hand hygiene must be performed before use and after removal of protective equipment. Other obstructions, such as glass, should be removed before use and reinstalled after completion of installation inspection.Storage conditions: temperature -20℃~ 40℃, relative humidity is less than 80% storage and transfer of products should ensure that the seal, free from damage, pollution, damp.Pay attention to fire prevention, rain prevention, acid prevention, alkali prevention, avoid strong light exposure

Technical Data

Product JH-032 FFP3 Foldable Respirator
Type Disposable and Non-medical
Color White + White Earloop Strap
Shape Folding Cup W/O Valve
Material Non-woven + Melt Blown
Test Agent NaCL & Paraffin Oil
Filter Perform BFE≥99%
TIL ≤2% Leakage
Flow Rate 95L/min (Paraffin Oil)
Exhal. Resist* 3.0mmH2O (Paraffin Oil)
Inhal.Resist* 2.4mmH2O (Paraffin Oil)
Penetration* 0.59%(Paraffin Oil)
CO2 Clearance ≤1%
Strap Pull Limit 16.2N
Origin China
Standards EN149:2001+A1:2009
Certificate CE & DOC

Packing Details

Package 20pcs/Color Box
Quantity 50boxes/CTN
CTN Size 72x47x36cm
N.W. 190g/box
G.W. 230g/box


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