JH062 Foldable Respirator Small Size for Kids

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An effective face mask seal requires moulding of the top of the mask over the nasal bridge, and the bottom of the mask pulled down over the chin. Masks are not effective once they are wet or soiled.

When it comes to children, attempting to have your toddler or young child keep a face mask on can be a challenging task, so it’s important to remember 2 important factors when choosing a face mask for them – fit and comfort.

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A crying toddler who is uncomfortable and struggling is not likely to have an effective mask on. An uncomfortable child is also more prone to grab and touch their face more, making the spread of infection through mucosal surfaces more likely. JH062 FFP2 folding respirator small size for kids meets FFP2 class and can filter 95% aerosol effectively. JH062 FFP2 level children masks are made by Four-layer protection: Non-Woven fabric, Meltblown fabric, Meltblown fabric, Non-Woven fabric. Seamless fit improves the protective function of the mask to protect the eyeglasses from fogging due to exhalation. As a general rule, the N95 and FFP type masks or PM2.5 filter equipped masks are appropriate for adults and teenagers to improve breathing air quality, as it depends on the size of the child, and his or her face.

JH-026 FFP2 (Small Size)——FOR KIDS

JH-026 FFP2 (Small Size)——FOR KIDS







Non-woven(60%) Meltblown(40%)

Valid time

24 Months

Packing quantity

20 pcs/per box

2000 pcs / per Carton

Color box size


Carton size

66cm x 38cm x 56cm


12 kg


10 kg

Filtration efficiency



50g Non woven


25g Melt blown


25g Melt blown


25g Non woven


factory (9)
factory (10)
factory (6)

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