Multifunctional Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Short Description:

One Second Measurement

The high technology and quality sensor can be used to measure body more quick and comfortable.

LED Luminous Display Function

Easily taking measurement during nigh,do not disturb baby.

One Key Operation, Fast Reading

One key operation design, easy to use, super screen display one second readable; take accurate body temperature.


Product Detail

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32 Memories

With large capacity memory, the 32 measurement data can be automatically stored, so that the temperature changes of the baby can be easily controlled.

Warning Of High Temperature

High temperature warning function, there will be alarm Be-Bi-Bi if the measured value is higher than 38°C.

Warning Of Buzzer Sound

Buzzer sound function, measurement end buzzer warning, the conveniences design




Body Temp 35.0 to 42.0 ° C (95.0 to 107.6 ° F) ±0. 20 C/±0. 4° F
In the remaining measurement range +0. 3 ° C/±0. 5。F
Object Temp Oto 100.0 °C (32. 0to212.0°F) ±1.0oC/±1.8°F
Body Temp range:               32.0 to 42.9° C (89.6 to 109.2 ° F) Surface Temp range:            0 to 100.0 ° C (32. 0 to 212.0 ° F) Emissivity                         0.95 fixed
Field of View D/S = Approx. 5:1 ratio (D = distance; S = spot or target)
IR Spectral response 8 to 14 um (wavelength)
Display Backlit LCD display with function indicators
Response time 500ms
Over range indication “Hi" orBLoB
Operating Tsmperature/Humideity 10 * C to 400 C (50 ® F to 104° F),《85%RH
Operating/Storage ATM         70kPa~106kPa
Storage Temperature/Humideity -20 to 55 °C (-4 to 131OF),£;93%RH
2 AA Batteries
in your community or wherever batteries / accumulators are sold!
Automatic Power Off
15 seconds(approx.)
144g (approx.)

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