Pulse Oximeter YK84

Short Description:

YK84 Fingertip pulse oximeter is mainly used to test PR, SPO2, and Pl. SPO2 is one of the important basic parameters for clinical medical service. The definition of SPO2 is the percentage between the capacity of Oxyhemoglobin( Hbo2)that compounded with oxygen and that of all combinativable haemoglobin(Hb)obin( Hbo2)in blood

Our fingertip pulse oximeter is suitable for people who are suffering from vascular disease, respiratory system disease, and the elder who are older than 60 and people who work more than 12 hours everyday. It is also applicable to the circumstances when people doing the extreme sports or oxygen shortage in high altitude and people who are addicted to alcohol for a long time

Product Detail

Product Tags

Applicable people:

Option 1: The elderly (Heart disease /Hypertension diabetes)

Option 2: Pregnant & Children

Option 3: Sport Lover (Outdoor sports person/Business person/Healthy person)

Option 4: People who need oxygen therapy

Production Specifications

SPO2 range: 70%~99%

Accuracy :80%-99% range土2%, 70%~79% range +3%

Distinguishabilty : SPO2 +1%

PR range: 30BPM~240BPM

Accuracy: +1BPM or observed value士1% (take the max)

PI range:0~20

Auto Power-off :≥after 8 seconds(without your finger)

Operating Environment

Usage Temperature: 5°C~40°C

Storage Temperature: -10°C~40°C

Ambient Humidity: 15%~80%

Barometric Pressure : 70kPa~ 106kPa

Attachment Information

Size: 58*358*30mm


Size (pack): 58*35.4*31.5mm

Weight (pack): 91*63*57mm

Battery: AAA 1.5V double

Power Dissipation: < 30mA

Easy To Use

One button operation makes getting accurate readings easy to take anytime and anywhere.

Compact and Lightweight

Compact and lightweight design allows for use on-the-go or use anytime and anywhere.

Accurate and Reliable

Get accurate and reliable measurement of SpO2 as well as pulse rate in seconds.

Easy To Read

The large dual color OLED display with brightness adjustment allows for easy reading.

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