Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Taking your blood pressure can be stressful. YKBPW makes reliable and clinically accurate blood pressure monitors that are also easy to use at home. This is an accurate upper arm blood pressure monitor for home use that is also suitable for people with larger arms!

Automatic YKBPW Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor brings real portability to the wrist monitor. This compact light weight monitor is ideal for people who travel, and understand their blood pressure readings. Both Irregular Heartbeat Indicator and Blood Pressure Classification indicator provide additional information to the user.

Product Detail

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Wrist blood pressure monitor


Digital LCD display

Power by



30 sets

3lood pressure measurement range





Two users

Display Units

KPa or mmHg

3lood pressure measurement accuracy

Within 3mm Hg (0 4kPa)

Pulse measurement range

40-199 beats/min




1 Year


Small delicate design

Clear LCD digital display

It can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times

Automatic compression and decompression

Voice broadcast function(Optional)

Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not

2 display units: kPa, mmHg

The product will automatically power-off in 1 minute after measurement.


The LCD Display with clear number values appear during measurements for convenient reading; Live-voice broadcast of blood pressure levels with adjustable volume setting provide a simple option for testing by users with different needs.

Two User Mode allows two individuals to monitor, track, and store their readings separately on the same device. One Push Button design makes getting accurate readings fast; Automatically averages 3 values for a more precise measurement. Self-checking cuff positioning and movement detection features provide a visual symbol on the device for accurate measurements.

The ergonomically designed comfortable cuff makes it easy to wrap it around your arm.This kit is an all in one package and comes with everything you need to easily and quickly take your blood pressure reading.

Result display:high pressure,low pressure,pulse.

Unit conversion:Blood pressure value Kpa/mmHg conversion

(power on default unit mmHg).

Number of memory groups: two groups of memory,99 measurement results storable for each group.

Clock function: setting year, month, date, hour, minute

Low-voltage detection: low-power detection in any working state, LCD prompts low-power symbol display.

YKBPW Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor devices designed to help patients and their families track and troubleshoot with their doctors, all from the comfort of their homes. The technology in the blood pressure monitors, activity monitors, scales, thermometers, and smart devices help make keeping track of your health easy.

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