Handheld Portable Mesh Nebulizer JZ492E

Short Description:

New technology of Handheld Portable Mesh Nebulizer makes atomization more convenient.
Compared with the nebulizers with large volume and noisy hospitals, the new handheld nebulizers are more acceptable to consumers due to their compact shape, simple operation and comfortable use process.

Median particles 2.5 microns makes drug absorption more complete.Handheld Portable Mesh Nebulizer JZ492E using high-end alloy mesh, in the 2.5 mm area, more than 2,000 fog holes that are invisible to the naked eye are engraved with laser. Through high-frequency vibration, the liquid medicine is sieved into very fine micron particles, which promotes faster absorption.

Product Detail

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Power Supply

DC2.4V (Lithium Battery)or DCS.0V with AC adapter

Power Consumption

< 3.0W

Nebulization Rate

0.1 5ml/min-0.90ml/min

Particle Size


Working Frequency

130kHz,Error is +10%

Temperature Rise


Medication Cup Capacity

10 ml

Product Size/Weight


Working Environment

Temperature: 5°C-40*C Relative Humidity: 80%R.H.
Non-condensing state Atmospheric pressure: (70.0-106.0) kPa


Temperature: -20°C -50°C Relative Humidity: 80%R.H.
Non-condensing state Atmospheric pressure: (50.0-106.0) kPa

Package Content:

Atomizer x 1

Child mask x 1

Adult mask x 1

Mouthpiece x 1

USB Charging Cable x 1

Instruction manual x 1


Efficient Humidifier

The portable humidifier adopts the latest mesh & ultrasonic technology for Large mist and fine particles less than 5 micrometers for better absorption.

Quiet & Noiseless

The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound.

Battery/USB Powered

2 ways of power supply, convenient for home travel, use 2 AA batteries or use USB cable.

Easy Operation

Handheld network type, compact and lightweight, easy to carry when going out, easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Large Amount of Mist

It creates a fine mist, the small particles are around 2-3micrometer.

Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

The superfine cool mist, instantly produced by the use of ultrasonic vibration, can be easily inhaled into the alveolus and bronchial tree. Particle Size: 1-5um. Drug atomization and normal saline atomization particles are less <5 um. 2 levels fog adjusted by one button, press twice with less fog which better and convenient for baby.

FeaturesHow to use?

1. Remove all packings, then remove the unit and accessories.

2. Install the assembled bottle cap on the main body. When you install it, you should hear the crisp clasp sound (as shown in the schematic diagram of the installation of the liquid bottle).

3.Install the suction mask and the nozzle as shown in the schematic.


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